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Why choose ServiceKnight for your Jackson carpet cleaning services?

  • Servicing the Jackson MS area for more than a decade
  • Family owned and operated, and the owners are involved in the work
  • Excellent reviews on Google, Yahoo and Angie’s List
  • A live person always answers your call and our carpet cleaners are at your door quickly
  • Our commitment is to quality and exceptional customer service
  • We can handle all your needs, from carpet to upholstery to ceramic tile, concrete floor, tile and grout cleaning and water damage restoration and repair
  • We offer green carpet cleaning products and carpet cleaning equipment rentals

The carpets in your home or commercial business see a great deal of abuse. Even if you live alone or have a small family, they are still walked on with shoes, food is dropped on them and spills leave permanent marks behind. If you have a business with multiple people walking across the carpets daily, stains accumulate quickly.

As time marches on, even a carpet that’s vacuumed daily will start to show the effects of this. This can affect the overall look of your home, and it’s important that a business always keeps its facilities clean and orderly for potential customers. The good news is that professional carpet cleaners can remove your most difficult stains and keep things looking great.

We clean all types of carpets from standard pile to berber using truck-mounted units for professional steam cleaning. We use a combination system of steam and vacuum to rinse your carpets. Safe chemicals are only used on the carpet opposed to shampoo, which will prevent any residue or residue buildup. The process will also help with a speedy drying time, normally within 4-5 hours.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jackson MS

We provide a wide array of commercial carpet/floor cleaning services. Our typical commercial carpet cleaning service includes restaurants, townhomes, apartment complexes, offices, daycares, churches, and retirement communities. We do offer encapsulation service. We use a spray/bonnet method particularly on Olfin carpets. It’s a very popular method performed on larger square footages such as churches, office buildings and schools.

Carpet Protector

ServiceKnight offers the top of the line carpet protector in our state-of-the-art, Telfon™ application which is applied after any of carpet or upholstery services are performed. This is provided for the benefit of preserving your cleaning results, longevity of carpet/upholstery and helps prevent against spills and mishaps.

Carpet Repairs

We feel we are second to none in our industry in this area of service. ServiceKnight offers carpet stretching (power stretching) to remove any and all wrinkles/buckles in your carpets. We also provide seam repair, bleach removal, and dye stain removal (wax, red stain “kool-aid”, and wine stains).

Stain Removal and Pet Odor Removal

Stains from pets and other sources can be difficult to clean without professional help. ServiceKnight takes a look at the carpet stains, determines the best method of treating them and then does complete stain removal. They also use special carpet cleaning products for complete pet stain removal and pet odor removal.

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